Proxy Bidding

Auctions on the BlueLots marketplace use proxy bidding for our buyer's convenience. Simply provide your maximum bid amount and our auction system will bid the minimum increment up until your maximum bid amount has been reached (or until you win the auction if no other bidders outbid your proxy bid maximum). 

Auction Duration & Time Remaining

Auctions on the marketplace last 4 days. You'll see the actual time remaining for an auction in two places, both on the actual marketplace listing itself and on the BlueLots homepage. 

Bid Count 

The total bid count can also be seen on both the marketplace listing and BlueLots homepage. 

Current Bid Amount 

The current bid amount on an auction can be found on both the marketplace listing and the BlueLots homepage. 

Winning an Auction

In the final moments of an auction, any new bids will extend the duration of the auction by 5 minutes. At the close of an auction, you will be declared the winner if you have outbid all other auction participants. An email notification will be sent to your BlueLots account email address informing you that you have 2 days to pay for the won auction. You can also see all of your won & unpaid auction activity within your buyer dashboard. 

Paying for a Won Auction

To pay for a won auction, simply navigate to your buyer dashboard. You'll see a banner at the top of your dashboard informing you of any won auctions that are awaiting payment. You can also navigate directly to the Auctions Tab within your dashboard to pay. After payment has been successfully completed, an order invoice will be automatically generated for you and you'll receive an email confirming receipt of payment. The marketplace seller will also receive a notification that your order is ready to be shipped. 

Unpaid Auction Penalty

Auctions that go unpaid will result in penalties. The penalty schedule is outlined within the Unpaid Auction Penalties policy.

Please reach out to if you need any assistance or have any questions.