Finding profitable inventory is half the fun! Most lots on our platform are completely unique, which gives you a great opportunity to find deals other buyers may have overlooked.

When you first visit the BlueLots homepage, you'll find auctions sorted by bid count. Auctions with the highest number bids appear first. Try changing the sorting option to view auctions that are ending soonest – you might find a great auction without any bids that nobody noticed.

Play around with the price filters on the left-hand sidebar to find inventory that works for your budget.

If you're new to reselling liquidation inventory, a great place to start is product categories you already know something about. For example, if you're into outdoor sports buy some athletic apparel and sporting goods. If you know everything there is to know about cosmetics, buy a few cases of lip gloss.

The more you already know about a product category, the better you'll be able to judge whether the lot is a good deal or not. Also, you may find inventory you want just for yourself! 😉